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Company News

26 Mar 2018 / Monday


Dear valued clients, 

On behalf of the management of FxUnited, we would like to apologise for the long delay in updates and making payments. As much as we regret all that is happening especially in Asian countries, none of this was supposed to happen. Let us try to explain the situation to you.

Currently the broker is going through some very bad financial weather, our funds are still stuck with the LP as they are facing issues of their own, the unwarranted audit mainly triggered off by non stop complaints from our clients etc etc etc. Irregardless of all this we are still trying our level best to keep to our commitment to you, that is to ensure that all of you get back at least your break even figure. Unfortunately, things did not go as we had planned. The global economic weather has not been very promising leading to our investments to be registering losses. With this happening, we are even more handicapped but we are not throwing in the towel. The company strives to keep our commitment to you but unfortunately at the moment we cant. FxUnited will take responsibility to ensure that you will be paid and as we had  mentioned all payments will be made directly to you and not through the IB's, Mini IB's or MIB's . These leaders were merely acting as agents for us the broker and are in no way responsible for your funds invested with us. We will handle the payments to you but what we request is your patience, though running thin. As we had mentioned in previous correspondences, we do not intend to shy away from our responsibilities, the company will honour them but we need more time. We dont want to give you any confirmed date and time when this will happen anymore but rest assured that this will happen. 

Thank you for your time in reading this announcement and hope that this will shed some light into the current situation. 

Thank you